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Here is what our clients are saying about us:

I went shopping with Ella last week, and for the first time since I had my baby - I actually enjoyed purchasing clothing! Not only did she make it fun to shop again, but it was done is such an easy, casual way that it felt like going shopping with a good friend. Ella gave me many fabulous ideas about styles and colors that I would never have thought of and ended up purchasing some wonderful additions to my out of date wardrobe. Any woman out there can understand that having a baby changes your body, and sometimes it doesn't want to change back with a fight! The clothing that we choose made me feel confident and classy and complimented by body; we bought some casual stuff, as well as items for the office. I have gotten numerous compliments by coworkers and strangers! What a great feeling!
Alice Greenberg
Portfolio Assistant, 30

"In my profession it is very important to look appropriate at all times. When I first met Ella - I didn't know the difference in quality of a suit other than check the price tag. Ella has shown me how to best select quality clothing and still minimize costs. I've learned that colors and styles are very important and unique to every individual. Ella has definitely opened my mind to the importance of dressing well to maximizing your image. I, like most guys, do not enjoy shopping for clothes. But with Ella, it was both educational and fun. I have received many compliments about the way I dress and I owe it all to her!"
Randy Breidbart
Financial Advisor, Park Avenue Financial Advisors, 54

I recently had Ella over my house for a Wardrobe Renovation and I can't believe what a difference she made in my wardrobe. For the past few days, I have been getting dressed in 5 minutes, looking great, and receiving compliments from friends AND strangers! She is truly amazing at what she does. I can't wait to bring her back from some shopping!
Physician, Columbia University, 30